2.4G RF-SIM project from Xiamen Elite Electric Co. Ltd was awarded for the first prize of “2012 Xiamen Science and Technology progress award”

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 Office of Science and Technology Awards in Xiamen has completed the evaluation work for 2012 Xiamen Office of Science and Technology Awards. This year, there are 55 achievements which have been selected for the city’s progress award. 2.4G RF-SIM project from Xiamen Elite Electric Co. Ltd was awarded for the first prize.

The Science and Technology Progress Award is awarded to unit or individual who has made a remarkable contribution or has obtained independent intellectual property rights in the areas of technological invention, research and development, realization of advance technology, completion of important technology and strategic decision making research project.

Radio frequency mobile SIM (2.4G RF-SIM) is one of the key mobile payment technologies in the new generation electronic information and internet of thing application. RF-SIM technology is base on invention patent (patent No.: ZL200410036263.4) from Xiamen Elite Electric Co., Ltd. which was filed in 2004 on radio frequency (RF) communication function of the mobile phone smart card and supporting peripheral processing devices. This invention introduces a revolutionary technology of integration of radio frequency module and antenna into a SIM card to provide the contactless capability. By putting a RF-SIM into any mobile phone, it is able to perform contactless transaction such as mobile payment, identification, RFID, etc. RF-SIM is a technology breakthrough in the smart card development history.